Medicare Compliance

Why should attorneys and parties to litigation be terrified of Medicare? Because they can face huge penalties for failing to comply with the Medicare Secondary Payor Act and other regulatory requirements.

Newsom Law Firm has expertise in medicare compliance law.

Plaintiffs and defense counsel must be aware of Medicare’s interest in a settlement or verdict because the federal government may hold the attorney personally liable. This is a highly complex and confusing area of the law where misunderstanding can lead to huge consequences.

Marci Rubenstein of the Newsom Law Firm is an expert on Medicare compliance issues. She helps attorneys, insurance companies and self-insureds wade through the quagmire that is Medicare so that they can avoid the pain of non-compliance. Attorneys, insurance companies and self-insureds that utilize this service do not have to worry about becoming experts in Medicare compliance or the long arm of the federal government and can concentrate on their real concern: effectively resolving litigated cases.