Interested in building a business partnership that will withstand personality conflicts and  avoid legal disputes?


Newsom Law Firm has expertise in business law

We recognize that people who are contemplating a business partnership have distinct personalities and values.Instead of cold document production, we use an in-depth approach to entity formation, which really looks at the partners and identifies potential areas of conflict that may arise during the relationship. We assist the new partners in discovering what inter-personal agreements should be made about how to run their business. We utilize the information gained in our comprehensive approach to craft agreements designed to minimize miscommunication and conflict amongst the partners. Through this process we can also assist existing partners who want to solidify their agreements and strengthen their relationship.

Business owners, especially new ones, tend to be busy, stressed and short on time. They typically do not want to read and interpret the legal jargon that is found in most contracts and lease agreements. We can provide these owners with contract review and an interpretation in the manner in which non-lawyers communicate.

We hope to establish a long term relationship with our clients based on trust and accommodation. Towards this end, we offer our clients a way to afford in-house counsel services without having to carry an attorney on the payroll.